Double Pane Windows Gainesville FL

Many homeowners experience unwanted temperature changes in their homes due to leaky windows. Double pane windows, also known as dual-pane or double-glazed windows, feature two layers of glass with an insulating gap between them. The gaps are filled with an inert gas such as argon.

The space and gas between the window panes offer impressive insulating properties, which significantly reduce energy bills. They also keep noise out of your home.

Energy Efficiency

Double pane windows are insulated, which means they keep out the hot summer sun and cold winter air. This helps to stabilize your home’s temperature and lower energy bills. In many cases, new energy efficient windows can pay for themselves in just 2 to 3 years simply by saving you money on your monthly utility bill each month!

Double-paned windows have two glass panes, with a space between them and a layer of insulation such as air or an inert gas such as argon, xenon or krypton. They can also be designed with low-e glass to further reduce energy usage.

Old windows are notorious for creating drafts and leaks during windy conditions, and even with double panes, they can still cause an inconsistency in your home’s temperature that leads to increased energy usage. Using a quality double pane window system will eliminate these problems and keep your home energy efficient. In fact, double-pane windows can decrease energy usage by up to 24 percent in cold climates during the winter and by 18 percent in warm climates during the summer.

Low Noise Pollution

Whether it’s dogs barking, traffic, or neighbors, double pane windows provide much better sound insulation than single-pane windows. This is a great benefit for homeowners living in noisy urban areas or near busy roads, and it also helps to reduce outside noise pollution.

The space between the panes acts as an insulator, regulating temperature and keeping your home comfortable year-round. This also saves money on energy bills, since your heating and cooling systems won’t have to work as hard to maintain a steady indoor climate.

The extra layer of glass can also help prevent damaging UV rays from entering your home, which can cause fading in furniture, draperies, and other household items. You can even add a spectrally selective coating to your double pane windows Gainesville FL to further enhance their energy efficiency and help protect against UV rays. However, triple-pane windows are usually only necessary if you live in a warmer climate where temperatures can get quite high during the summer.

Increased Curb Appeal

Double pane windows are available in a variety of designs and styles. This means they can enhance the look of any room in your home. This can also increase your curb appeal. New window styles are a desirable feature for future homebuyers and can make selling your house easier.

Whether you choose double-hung, sliding, casement, bay, bow, or fixed windows, your home will be more beautiful than before the installation. Additionally, they are made with safe materials that are not harmful to your family’s health. Older single-pane windows were sometimes made with lead or asbestos, which can be hazardous to your family.

If you are interested in installing energy efficient Double pane windows Gainesville FL, contact a local expert to get started. They can provide a free, no-obligation project estimate and discuss the benefits of these upgrades for your home. They can also help you explore HERO financing options to cover your renovation costs. This unique program helps homeowners pay for energy efficiency improvements to their homes.

Elimination of Storm Windows

In areas prone to hurricanes, tornadoes and blizzards, storm windows are a good idea. They can protect your existing windows from flying debris and extreme temperatures and provide an extra layer of insulation. However, the dead air pocket created by storm windows can make your home feel drafty.

Double pane windows solve this conduction problem by creating a small space between the two panes of glass (sometimes filled with argon or another gas to improve performance). This allows the cooled or heated air inside your home to stay there and prevents outdoor air from seeping in.

Most storm windows can be removed easily with a screwdriver, especially when they haven’t been caulked into place. To remove a wooden storm window, first slide the flat end of the screwdriver between the glazier points and the frame to loosen them. Use a flat head screwdriver to pry these away from the window, then lift the window and set it aside.