Choosing Entry Doors in Gainesville FL

Gainesville is a growing destination for families and entrepreneurs. The city offers a variety of things to do between bars, restaurants, and parks.

Doors are an important part of a home’s security and energy efficiency. An improperly installed or damaged door can compromise both.

Protect your family and add a touch of elegance with wrought iron front entry doors. They will increase your curb appeal and resale value.

Sidelight Shutters

The narrow windows that frame your entry door add light to your foyer and can let you see out onto your front porch, but they can also allow in glare and compromise privacy. And while blinds or shades might look chintzy in these skinny windows, no window covering works as well with sidelights as shutters.

Custom Polywood shutters are available in a wide range of frame models to correlate with your doorway’s sidelights. They’re custom crafted to fit perfectly, and they can be customized with divider rails or split tilt rods to adjust how much you open and close them.

And unlike drapes and shades, which can sway with every opening and shutting of the door, Polywood shutters stay steady and silent. They’re also the best window fashions for adjusting light in your entryway: just shift the louvers to let more sunshine in or to block out the sun’s rays completely. Plus, they block 30 degrees of temperature and decrease airflow by up to 45%.

Blinds & Shades

When it comes to your home’s security, the best way to deter intruders is by installing a high-quality front door. While locks play a significant role in protecting your family and belongings, the type of door you choose will also impact your curb appeal. Wrought iron front doors in Gainesville FL provide an extra layer of protection and will keep your house looking beautiful for years to come. Additionally, these doors can add value to your property when you decide to sell it.

While you may consider window coverings for the sidelights on your entry door, this option might not be ideal for a number of reasons. For starters, window treatments can’t fully block out the sunlight and they might not provide the privacy you want for your home. Instead, you can look to the experts at Mr Blinds Gainesville Fl for all of your window treatment needs. The company offers roman shades, woven wood and bamboo blinds, cellular or pleated shades, solar and roller shades, sheer curtains, and more.

Sliding Glass Panels

If you want to add a modern look to your home, consider getting Gainesville sliding glass doors. These are a great space saver and can let you enjoy the view outside your home while you stay inside. They can also help you reduce your energy consumption by allowing in natural light during the day. Modern sliding doors are also made to be sound and weatherproof, so you can be sure that your home will remain warm and quiet during the winter and cool during the summer.

Local window installation services can help you choose the best windows for your home, based on your needs and home style. They can also recommend custom window designs that will better complement your home. They can even provide you with a wide range of financing options, such as personal checks, e-checks, and major credit cards. They can also offer warranties and exceptional customer service. They are locally owned and operated, so you can be assured of their dedication to customer satisfaction.


When it comes to securing your home against unwanted intruders, your doors play a significant role. Not only should they be tough enough to deter would-be thieves, but they should also complement your overall aesthetic. This is why Gainesville door dealers offer a wide variety of options to suit any taste, including transom windows!

A transom window is a window that sits above a door and can serve two purposes. One is to provide natural light to a room without having the door open, which can be beneficial for a number of reasons. The other is to allow proper ventilation in a room without the need for the door to be opened.

In addition to these functional uses, many homeowners love the visual aesthetic that a decorative transom offers and will incorporate it into their home for ornamental value. Some will even use it to display their house numbers, which is a fantastic way to add curb appeal!