Casement Windows Gainesville FL

Casement windows Gainesville FL

Unlike sliding windows, casement windows open wide to allow maximum airflow and unobstructed views. They also seal tight to button down your energy costs.

Casement window prices depend on size, type, and brand. Fiberglass is the most economical material, followed by aluminum and vinyl.

Double Hung

A classic window style that opens from the bottom and upward with a crank mechanism. Its sashes also tilt in for easy cleaning. Its airtight seal makes it an energy-efficient solution for your Gainesville FL home.

Two window panes are sandwiched together with an Argon gas filled pocket for a high performance in our cold Gainesville Florida climate. Including a solid wood interior factory stained to match furniture or accents these windows offer a traditional look with excellent performance.


Awning windows are ideal for climates with high winds and rain. They allow for ventilation, even when the windows are closed.

They are easy to open and offer a lot of natural light. They also provide customizable ventilation. However, due to the way they open upwards, awning windows don’t make for good fire escape exits. They are also difficult to clean.

Single Hung

Unlike awning windows, single hung windows open outward with a bottom operable sash. They’re easy to clean and provide ventilation.

Single-hung windows are ideal for homes with a traditional or historic aesthetic. They also offer superior energy efficiency, especially with an Argon gas fill in the lower window pane. This helps reduce air leakage and ac unit usage. This makes them the perfect choice for two-story homes.


JELD-WEN clad wood windows protect your home from harsh weather and the elements, delivering energy efficiency and beauty. They are available in multiple operating styles, sizes and options to meet your design needs.

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Using an easy-to-use crank mechanism, casement windows open wide to capture refreshing side breezes and allow a high amount of airflow. They also feature tight seals and double panes that help button down energy costs.

These window styles use fewer muntins (the strips of wood, vinyl, or metal that divide panes of glass) than conventional options, yielding a broader landscape view and creating a seamless connection between your home and nature.


A durable option, aluminum frames have a smooth, sleek appearance. They complement modern architectural styles and enhance curb appeal. They also provide good thermal resistance and are highly energy efficient when paired with Argon filled glass.

The type of material you choose should depend on your Deltona climate and your energy efficiency goals. Aluminum may perform better than vinyl in warmer weather.


Transom windows are a great way to let in more natural light. They are most commonly installed above front doors, but can also be added to other exterior or interior window openings.

They can be either fixed or operable and come in a wide range of styles. You can customize them with color, glass and grilles to match your style and further the design of your home.

Vertical Sliding

A vertical sliding window is a great option when space is limited. They can be opened easily, allowing for ventilation and fresh air.

They also work well as a customer-facing service window for retail applications, allowing employees to quickly exchange orders and payments with customers. They can be made with aluminum, uPVC or wood frame constructions. They are ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

Double Glazed

New windows are a great investment that will add value to your home. Window replacement is a relatively simple process and can be completed quickly.

European style inswing casement windows are becoming more popular in the USA. They are 10 – 50 times more air tight and much easier to use than traditional American windows. These windows are also more energy efficient.

Triple Glazed

These windows are European style casements that open and close. They add a clean aesthetic to your home and increase house value.

They provide better insulation than double pane windows, which reduces noise levels and lowers energy bills. They require a spacer between the glass which can be standard air, Krypton gas, or Argon gas. They are more expensive than double-pane windows.