Why Front Entry Doors Gainesville FL Are Important

Changing your front door is one of the most affordable ways to give your home a face-lift. It also increases your curb appeal and could increase resale value.

New doors made from durable materials are hard for burglars to breach, so your family will be safer.

A screened door will keep pests and debris from entering your home, keeping it clean and healthy.


The safest entry doors offer more than just sturdy, weather-resistant frames. They also feature a wide-angle peephole that helps you see who is outside before you open the door.

The strongest front door materials include fiberglass, steel, and fiberglass-steel hybrid. Fiberglass, however, is the most popular option because it can withstand impact from a burglar or even inclement weather. The lock mechanism is also a big factor when it comes to security. Make sure your new front door has a deadbolt that’s at least one-inch long with a reinforcing strike plate to prevent the bolt from being ripped out of the jamb.

Energy efficiency is another important factor when selecting a new front door. A well-insulated door keeps your home warm or cool and prevents high energy bills. In addition, a custom-designed screened door lets you enjoy those Florida breezes without worrying about insects and reptiles invading your home. You can also eliminate landscape debris and wasp nests that pile up around your front porch with a screen door.


Front doors face the elements everyday for years, so they need to be tough against weather, wear and tear, and intruders. Steel and fiberglass front doors are extremely durable, providing lasting beauty, strength and performance.

They resist dents, scratches and are able to be painted in a wide range of colors, allowing homeowners to match their home’s look. They also withstand temperature extremes better than wood and won’t need to be repainted or refinished as frequently as a solid-wood door.

Fiberglass entry doors come in a variety of styles to suit homes of all architectural designs. Some even feature a wood grain texture to give them the appearance of solid oak, cherry or knotty alder. They can be complemented with decorative flourishes like sticking and transoms to enhance their appeal. Energy efficiency is also a key feature of these doors, as they help to keep out drafts and hot or cold air. This reduces home energy bills and makes for a more comfortable interior.

Energy Efficiency

Depending on the material, the design, and the features of your front door, energy efficiency can play a major role in how much it costs to heat and cool your home. Fiberglass front doors are the most energy efficient because they do not conduct heat and have polyurethane cores that further reduce the transfer of hot or cold air from inside your home to outside. Combined with insulated side lites or a transom, they can help you reduce your utility bills significantly.

When choosing energy-efficient entry doors, look for one with a low solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) in a climate that requires cooling and a low U-factor in a climate that requires heating. Also, consider double or triple-pane glass with a low-emissivity coating.

A custom screen front entry is a great way to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather and keep insects and debris out of your home. It also keeps you safe from harmful UV rays that can penetrate your door glass.

Curb Appeal

Your home’s entry door is a huge part of its overall curb appeal and it frames the first impression that your house makes. The style, color, and texture of your front door should reflect your home’s architecture and design.

Replacing your front door with a new model that has modern features can refresh the look of your entire home. This upgrade will enhance your curb appeal, and it may even increase your property value should you ever choose to sell.

You can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors with a custom screen front entry that allows you to let the breeze in without having to deal with bugs and other pests. This is especially useful during Florida’s hot and humid weather. It also keeps landscape debris and wasp nests outside where they belong. This helps to keep your family safe and healthy. It can help reduce allergies and asthma.