Door Installation Cost in Gainesville FL

Door installation is a cost-effective home improvement project that can make your property feel more welcoming. It can also improve security and increase your home’s value.

Pricing takes into account labor for fitting a basic interior door into existing framing. This estimate does not include sidelights, custom doors, or upgraded hardware.

Overhead Door Company of Ocala

Overhead Door Company of Ocala, which also operates under the name Overhead Doors, is based in Ocala, Florida. It primarily operates in the Garage Door, Installation or Erection business sector within the Construction – Special Trade Contractors industry.

The company’s 11 collections of garage doors include a variety of styles, materials and price points. For example, the Thermacore Collection features a continuous layer of injected CFC-free polyurethane insulation in three thickness options to maximize energy efficiency.

Local garage door reviews can help consumers assess whether a particular brand or model is right for their needs. They can also provide insight into customer satisfaction levels. They can even help consumers compare prices, including the price of the door itself and additional supplies or labor. These costs are usually factored into the overall cost of the project.

Lester’s Garage Doors

Lester’s Garage Doors is a Gainesville, Florida-based company that sells and installs residential garage doors. Its service technicians are highly qualified and follow industry standards for safety and quality. They also adhere to environment-friendly practices and provide annual maintenance services. They are licensed and insured in the state of Florida.

They offer one-car, two-car, and three-car garage door options. They also sell insulated garage doors, which can save homeowners money on energy costs. A one-car garage door costs between $200 and $500, while a two-car model typically runs about $1,200.

Insulated garage doors cost $50 to $600 more than noninsulated models, depending on their R value. The type of insulation and other add-on accessories can also affect the price. In addition, some states require garage doors to be impact-resistant and withstand specific wind speeds.

ASAP Garage Doors and Services

If your garage door is experiencing issues like broken springs, cables, or rollers, it’s important to address them promptly. ASAP Garage Doors and Services offers fast response times and transparent cost estimates, making them the perfect choice for your emergency garage repair needs.

They can help you determine the best new door based on your desired aesthetic, maintenance requirements, and energy efficiency needs. They also offer a wide range of colors, styles and window options.

A properly functioning garage door can enhance the safety of your family and belongings, as well as prevent unwanted intrusions. On the other hand, a garage door that is poorly maintained can become a security risk and allow in harmful weather and wildlife. Regular service by ASAP Garage Doors and Services can prevent these problems from arising in the first place.


Milgard is a manufacturer of windows and doors that can enhance a home’s beauty and increase energy efficiency. Their products are made with durable materials and designed to last for years. They also have a wide range of colors and styles to choose from. Their prices vary widely, but they offer comprehensive product warranties that cover the cost of replacements.

The company’s Style Line series is an affordable option that offers slim frames, while their Ultra series has thicker fiberglass framing. Both have a contemporary look that can complement any home.

Milgard’s aluminum windows have thermally improved frames that withstand cold and heat. They can be upgraded with a variety of options including Low-E and Argon glass. These energy-efficient windows can reduce homeowner’s energy consumption and lower indirect greenhouse gas emissions.


If you’re looking for a replacement door or new window installation, JELD-WEN is a great option. They have a wide selection of styles and options, including doors with insulated cores that improve energy efficiency. This is especially important for Gainesville’s climate.

The company also offers a variety of windows that meet Energy Star standards, which can help lower your home’s energy costs. Their insulated glass lets in natural light, while blocking out harmful UV rays and cold air.

Their aluminum windows are designed for Florida’s challenging climate. These windows are durable and easy to maintain. They also have a modern look and are resistant to moisture. In addition, JELD-WEN’s aluminum windows are less expensive than other options. They also offer a limited lifetime warranty.