Door Styles for Your Gainesville Home

Gainesville is known for being a college town with plenty to do. But it’s also a growing city with great schools and healthcare facilities.

The town’s neighborhoods are popular with families because of their affordability and proximity to the University of Florida and Shands Hospital. They have a suburban feel with quiet streets and beautiful oak trees.


When it comes to the exterior of your Florida lifestyle home, your doors and windows are one of the first things people notice. They are also one of the most important parts of your house, so you should choose them wisely.

Traditional door styles are characterized by straight lines and raised panes or panels. They are ideal for homes that want to keep their aesthetic looking sleek and modern.

Iron doors are a great way to boost your curb appeal and increase your home’s value. They are more durable than other metals and require less maintenance. They also add a sense of security to your home, keeping your family safe from intruders.


Every city has a period of time that defines its architectural past. In Gainesville, that period was the midcentury modern era from 1945 to 1975. To celebrate these houses and to raise awareness of them, Gainesville Modern, a non-profit organization founded by Marty Hylton, hosts home tours throughout the year.

For those who are drawn to the clean lines of these doors, you can personalize yours with windows, combining wood species or even adding grooves. For exterior use, you can also add textures like satin etch and choose from finishes that include UltraBlock or, for the toughest exposures, WaterBarrier technology.


Whether it’s a carefully placed garden sculpture, a row of well-manicured lawn ornaments or a series of paintings and sculptures on a front yard, many Gainesville residents use their gardens as an art gallery. Jenn Garrett’s front yard, for example, is a showcase of art from University of Florida students, which she has displayed for the past four years to the delight of motorists and passersby.

The decentralized creative spirit that drove Gainesville to national attention as a punk hotspot in the ’90s remains present, according to local artists. Artists in Gainesville collaborate and put on shows at unconventional venues, such as their own houses or storage units, and markets like Roadhouse DIY and How Bazar. The GFAA’s Artist Studio Tour, which is open to the public this weekend, provides another venue for local artists.


Stunning one acre estate in coveted Haile Plantation with custom features that will impress the most discriminating buyer. This home is impeccably maintained and boasts gorgeous ceiling details, superior workmanship, and Fine Art designer chandeliers.

French doors (also called patio doors) have hinged glass panels that open to your garden or deck area, allowing natural light to filter into your house. However, the light they bring can also create a privacy dilemma. The best window treatment for French doors balances eye-catching home fashion with usability.

Instead of hanging curtains or standard blinds that swing and bang against your doors when you open them, gain control over brightness without sacrificing privacy by installing interior shutters for your French doors. These window treatments are mounted directly to the door frames, making them as functional as they are beautiful.


Gliding doors are a popular option for homes with beautiful views of nature. They can enhance your view with large panes, and they are a good insulator that helps lower energy bills during the winter. They can also add a sense of openness to your home, allowing natural light to flow through. Modern sliding doors are made to be shatterproof and offer enhanced security features.

Other options include folding doors, which resemble French doors in appearance and take up space when opened. Barn doors are another popular choice that allows airflow while providing privacy. They may be more difficult to maintain. For a simpler style, try a suspended sliding door. It has no rails or hardware accessories and can be more durable than other sliding door styles.