Types of Entry Doors

Entry doors are more than just passageways to the rest of your home. They enhance style, security, functionality and energy efficiency.

Order commercial steel doors and hollow metal door frames with wood panels, glass or solid-core options and vision lites for a modern design and daylighting. Work with a dedicated point of contact to meet your needs for fire rated and non-fire rated applications.

Metal Doors

Stylish, insulated and durable, metal doors have several advantages over other door types. They are also incredibly energy-efficient, which can save your establishment money on heating and cooling costs in the long run. They are available in a range of styles and sizes to suit any style or architectural design.

Commercial stainless steel doors are popular in Florida for their durability, corrosion resistance and visual appearance. They are ideal for exterior applications that are exposed to harsh weather conditions and areas where hygiene and cleanliness are essential, including food processing plants, hospitals, laboratories and airports.

TCR offers a complete package of door hardware, hollow metal and wood doors and frames with delivery to nearly any jobsite in the state. TCR is the only door supplier with a full-time, qualified staff for estimating and project management, material production, purchasing and field installation services. It is also the only Florida company that performs Detention Security Equipment Supply and Installation.

Stainless Steel Doors

Stainless steel doors and frames are an ideal choice for commercial spaces that require durability, high style, and corrosion resistance. This material can be welded together to create large doors that are impervious to impacts and standard burglar tools, while also limiting the spread of fire in a building.

They have a sleek, modern appearance that enhances the aesthetic of any commercial space. They can be customized with a variety of design features, making them suitable for offices, retail stores, decorative interiors, prisons and detention facilities, car wash stations, warehouses, and water treatment plants.

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Wood Doors

Wood doors offer a beautiful appearance and versatility. Available in budget-friendly options like knotty alder and poplar to premium woods like mahogany and hickory, they adapt well to most home styles. Wood doors are strong and durable for exterior use and may require regular maintenance to keep them looking good.

Wrought iron doors add an elegant touch to a home and can increase its value and curb appeal. They also provide more security than aluminum doors. They are made to last, making them a smart investment.

Commercial stainless steel doors are often used in areas where hygiene and cleanliness are vital, such as food processing plants, hospitals and airports. They are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. They are available in a wide range of finishes and designs, including louvers, vision lites and fire rated glass. They are commonly found in single and double door configurations in office buildings, schools, hospitals and hotels. Typically, they have solid panels but can include glass lites in a half-lite design for daylighting and aesthetics.

Glass Doors

Doors need to be strong against the elements and complement the aesthetic of a home. But they also need to fit a room and meet a range of requirements for privacy, security, lighting, and air flow. Fortunately, door dealers and installers can help homeowners find the perfect doors for their homes.

Genesis Door and Hardware supplies custom and hollow metal doors for residential and commercial applications in Gainesville. Its services include installation, design, and fabrication. It also provides glazing products, vision lites and louvers. Its products can be shipped nationwide.

Shea’s Glass Company provides window and door services to homeowners in Gainesville. Its team can repair or replace the doors of a residential house and add a new shower enclosure. Its glass is available in different thicknesses, sizes, and colors. It can be transparent or opaque, frosted or clear, and can be rated on a privacy scale. It can also be textured or stained. It can be used to amplify natural light in rooms and allow for a more modern look.